TSM Fondi wishes you Happy Holidays

Also in 2016 we have reached very important goals:


  • more than 3.500.000 pairs produced
  • 881 moulds created
  • 76 new models


Enter the world TSM Fondi: open the complete catalogue and discover the new collection!

We wish you and your families happy Christmas time!

Nuova collezione Estate 2018

10 Apr

Discover the new Summer Collection!

Di TSM Fondi

Discover The new 2018 Summer Collection!Find out more details on our online catalogue.Login now or register here.More than 70 new models are waiting for You.

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14 Nov

The new website takes its first steps

Di TSM Fondi

Finally online, the new TSM website, completely updated, both graphically and functionally with a complete product catalogue at your disposal where you will find not only the latest trade-show products, but also new concepts, evergreens, and ideas for future collections.  The new catalogue was designed so that you may browse it anywhere and on your smartphone, and offers a 360° view of all our models to display the aesthetic look of our soles.  Our registered partners will be able to receive previews of the new collections and be kept up to date with all the company news.    Step into the TSM Fondi world, register here and view the new collection! 

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21 Nov

Discover the advantages of our revolutionary catalogue!

Di TSM Fondi

View and browse our catalogue - you will have the search tools to find the perfect sole.  The new interactive and dynamic catalogue is constantly updated. It will allow you to view and see all the information you need in a detailed manner, where and when you want.                                                                You will be able to:                                                                                                               Enjoy a 360° view of our products                                                                                                  Create your collection by choosing your preferred series                                                                         Give a rating between 1 to 5 stars                                                                                                 Receive previews of the new collections                                                                                            We are waiting for you!

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