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New TSM Veg Soles

Our materials and processes have been designed to be in line with the eco-sustainability of the environment.

TSM VEG Soles are made with biobased material: the exclusive blend containing up to 100% of pure vegetable oil.

Recycled Materials: production with a blend of up to 100% of recycled and certified materials.

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To bring our business towards a future that looks towards the environment, we have renewed our processes and changed our habits to save energy.

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Sustainable sourcing

We only use raw materials that come from sources with a low environmental impact.

New materials

Use of Renewable energy

To give energy to our production processes and to our branch office, we only use energy from clean and renewable sources.

Solar panels

Respect for the environment

We also care about our territory, a beautiful landscape for the new generations.


Recycle and reuse

We recover the production waste and the molds we used to produce our soles.

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The circular economy (LCA)

The basis for being able to make the most of our production processes and also guarantee a correct life cycle of our products: from its production, use and disposal.

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